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Sound Sanctuary Austin is an authorized Bowers and Wilkins Austin dealer located in the Triangle in central Austin.

John Bowers - the story of Bowers & Wilkins starts with one man and even 30+ years after his death, his passion and drive still pulse through the lifeblood of the company he founded. Bowers’ dream of producing the perfect loudspeaker has driven the company from its humble beginnings behind an electronics shop in Worthing, England to becoming a global leader in audio.


If you are in the market for Bowers & Wilkins speakers, Sound Sanctuary Austin offers speakers in several price categories, from the striking Nautilus loudspeaker, the legacy 800 Series Diamond, or the beautiful 700 Series Signature line of speakers. 


Do not settle for big-box retailers with staff that does not know the difference in Hifi speakers, come to Sound Sanctuary Austin and witness the difference with a demonstration. 


Call or email Sound Sanctuary Austin to find out the Bowers & Wilkins speakers we have in stock and to set up a demonstration.

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