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Sound Sanctuary Austin is the exclusive Dan D’Agostino Austin dealer located in The Triangle in central Austin.

Dan D’Agostino amplifiers are as legendary as the man whose name is embossed on each one of the products. Dan D’Agostino, the man, has built D’Agostino into one of the world’s most coveted high-end amplification companies. The brand encompasses premium mono and stereo power amps, preamplifiers, phono preamps, an integrated design with an optional streamer, and more!


Dan D’Agostino has an incredible audiophile following. Well deserved as Dan (the man) has more than 36 years of experience designing high-end and revolutionary amplifier designs. 


It only takes one look at the D’Agostino Momentum power amplifiers meter to know that attention to detail and visual uniqueness inspire powerful emotions, just as the most elegant Swiss Tourbillon watch face. 


One of the most noticed features that appear on Dan D’Agostino amplifiers is thermal copper heat sinks. Both practical and beautiful, the D’Agostino casework whisks the heat generated by instantaneously greater than rated wattages travel between sources and speakers. 


Serving as the Dan D’Agostino Authorized Dealer in Austin, Sound Sanctuary can proudly demonstrate how D’Agostino amplifiers are capable of driving any speaker to its fullest capability, with every product proudly built by hand in Cave Creek, Arizona. 


Call or email us to discuss Dan D’Agostino amplifiers and to set up a demonstration.

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