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Sound Sanctuary Austin is the exclusive Luxman Austin dealer located in the Triangle in central Austin. 

LUXMAN started its business almost a century ago. In 1925, radio broadcasting started in Japan, and Kinsuido, a picture frame company in Osaka, made a radio department, which later became LUX. Kinsuido was the first company to display and sell radio receiving equipment at the stores. People visited the shops to listen to the “beauty of the sound”. This was the very beginning of LUXMAN’s long history of tonal quality pursuit.


At Sound Sanctuary Austin, we continue the Luxman tradition and encourage you to stop by our shop and listen to the “beauty of the sound”, just as the customers of LUXMAN did, almost a century ago. As the only Luxman Authorized Dealer in Central Texas, Sound Sanctuary Austin sells Luxman amplifiers, digital and analog players. Luxman products are built on a heritage of bringing out the best sound expression.


Each one of the Luxman products is manufactured with the highest quality in Japan. The global coronavirus situation continues to affect the parts supply chain, Luxman production, and item availability. While the company’s internal improvement efforts have been implemented; price adjustments or shortages are to be expected. 


Call or email Sound Sanctuary Austin to find out the Luxman products we have in stock and to set up a demonstration.

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