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Sound Sanctuary Austin is the exclusive Sonus faber Austin dealer located in the Triangle, in central Austin.

For over forty years, Sonus faber has been producing handmade, Italian loudspeakers which can be described as “musical instruments”. Every single detail of each speaker is planned for incredible sound as well as a piece of art. 


The Sonus faber "DNA" is composed of several factors:


Performance - Constant effort to provide a compelling audition and re-create the power of a live music performance.


Natural Sound - The “Voice of Sonus faber” marks the identity of the brand thanks to the natural materials used and the final tuning by ear.


Human Touch - Unique, irreplaceable and priceless element of Sonus faber creation. Skilled craftsmen assemble each product following traditional processes. A team of enthusiasts works every day to make the brand evolve.


Tradition - The heritage of Sonus faber lies in the Italian artisans' know-how and in the values and processes unchanged over the years. Italian Violin making tradition and classic culture are parts of their DNA. Sonus faber creations are crafted like real musical instruments.


Luxury - Sonus faber creations are part of the highest “Made in Italy” excellence, expression of Italian lifestyle. Every detail is important to enhance the daily experience.


Research - Sonus faber stays true to their roots, but at the same time, look for a constant evolution of materials used, design research, and electro-acoustic solutions.


Each Sonus faber product, be it past, present or future is able to take the listener

into a world of long-lasting tradition, Italian culture, and craftsmanship.


Depending on your needs, Sound Sanctuary Austin will help you find the perfect loudspeakers to complement your listening room. As the exclusive Sonus faber Austin dealer, we have direct access to the entire Sonus faber line of speakers.  

Sound Sanctuary Austin is available for customers throughout Texas, including Louisiana, and New Mexico serving all of our clients with personalized, custom in-home installation as our commitment to excellence.

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